If you can't see that the government is giving all the powers to control you in the hands of corporations, then you're watching the Main Stream Media news outlets.
This website has thousands of links to news stories they refuse to show on the main stream media that prove that you are being lied to, and that information is being withheld from you.

It's time for you to stop being afraid to learn the truth about the reality of tyranny that is taking place all around you.

Great News Sources

I beg you, please do not watch the main stream media new like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC.

They all are owned by the same elite corporations and they have an agenda to keep the masses stupid, uninformed and in line.

Here are a few great sources to get you started on your quest for the truth.

Chris Hedges

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.-

Universal Declaration of Human rights Article 19.
I follow my God. My beliefs are like everybody else, just guesses. Nobody knows the real maker, no one, anyone who claims to is only fooling themselves and trying to fool others with their guesses. I will not live my life by anyone's religious beliefs, or guesses, no one should.
Until all of the people that are on the 99% side get together against the 1% side, nothing will change.
I'm neither a Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat, Green party member or supporter. I believe in a system where everyone follows the same rules, where no one or no organized group is above any other entity.

Are you a little overwhelmed by all this deceit and treachery going on?

Maybe Max Igan can help you out with that a bit.

Surviving The Matrix.

Conspiracy or Coincidence?

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This isn't your father's world anymore. Apparently, "conspiracy stuff" is now shorthand for unspeakable truth. "The Enemy Within," Gore Vidal

Secrets In Plain Sight

This film will open your eyes so much, you will never be the same after watching this.

Secrets In Plain Sight is an awe inspiring exploration of great art, architecture, and urban design which skillfully unveils an unlikely intersection of geometry, politics, numerical philosophy, religious mysticism, new physics, music, astronomy, and world history.

Exploring key monuments and their positions in Egypt, Stonehenge, Jerusalem, Rome, Paris, London, Edinburgh, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco brings to light a secret obsession shared by pharaohs, philosophers and kings; templars and freemasons; great artists and architects; popes and presidents, spanning the whole of recorded history up to the present time.

As the series of videos reveals how profound ancient knowledge inherited from Egypt has been encoded in units of measurement, in famous works of art, in the design of major buildings, in the layout of city streets and public spaces, and in the precise placement of obelisks and other important monuments upon the Earth, the viewer is led to perceive an elegant harmonic system linking the human body with the architectural, urban, planetary, solar, and galactic scales.

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  • Hasn't there been enough proof that the people in control are just evil?
  • Have they stopped wars?
  • Have they fed the starving?
  • Do you get better health care?
  • Have we gotten better at preventing pollution?
  • Are things cheaper to buy?
  • Have they fixed the economy?
  • Did you have to work less?
  • Have they cured any major illness?
  • Do you have more freedom?
  • Has life got better for everyone?
  • Must i go on?

Sounds like the same ol' same ol' to me, but worse.

Here is way more proof something is not quite right. Everything from JFK, 9/11, religion, Gaddafi, Bin Laden, Monsanto, false flag ops, the Rockerfellers, big everything propaganda, is Canada for sale ?

  • Lots of short clips that ask questions about, who did what.
  • Some people think there are no conspiracies, others think there are no coincidences.
  • I think you should at least try to find out who is lying and who is telling the truth.
  • The news media (propaganda for the elite) tries to make you think the kooks and the nuts are doing all the research, while the normal person just gets fed what the Powers That Be want them to know. Where is the logic in that kind of thinking, who's being naive here? How's that for reasoning eh?
  • The forbidden fruit is knowledge. Knowledge is freedom. Ignorance is slavery.
  • Before you occupy Wall street, you have to first occupy your own mind. And you can't do that unless you get off the mass media misdirection, misinformation, disinformation bullshit that you get there.
  • There is a reason you don't get the below posted videos on the nightly news. Because if you knew what was really going on, you might do something about it. Here's your chance.
You might need to get yourself a Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
Here are some videos concerning the biggest waste of time and the privileges you once had.

Does it matter that this waste of time is what makes a life for you? FZ

is you goal in life to collect more friends on Face Book? Are these people realy your friends?

Hey people, there are other pages on the internet.

When your privacy becomes the business of the government.
You have none. Watch this.

Julian Assange: Gives private information about governmets and corporations to the public for FREE & he is a villain.
Mark Zuckerberg: Gives YOUR? private information to governmets agencies & corporations for money and he's MAN OF THE YEAR!

I have a bad feeling about Face Book.
I think, one of these days, they will press a button and you will do exactly what they want you to do, with out you knowing.
Wait a minute!! I think they've already pressed the button.

Delete it.

Mae Brussell, Queen of Conspiracy Research...

By the time President Kennedy was murdered in 1963, Mae was married with five kids. Hardly satisfied with the Warren Commission Report on the assassination, Mae bought herself as a Christmas present the 26 volume Warren Commission testimonies and began reading, filing and cross-indexing. Not only did she find connections to high level government officials, the CIA, Germany, the Hughes organization, and organized crime (to name a few), but began to see relationships to many other current and past events throughout the world. In June 1971, after 7 years of research and now living in Carmel, California, Mae appeared as a guest on KLRB, a local FM radio station independently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Gloria Barron. Mae discussed her views on political assassinations and the New York Times release of the Pentagon Papers. The response was so good Mae became a regular weekly guest and before too long had her own show, Dialogue: Conspiracy.(She later changed the name to World Watchers International) There were times when death threats forced Mae off the air -- one time by Charlie Manson family member Sandra Good in September 1975. At one point Mae resorted to recording her shows at home on her small General Electric cassette tape recorder and privately mailed out copies to her subscribers. In 1983 Mae's show moved to KAZU in Pacific Grove and there it stayed until her last broadcast (#862) on June 13, 1988. On October 3rd of that year, at age 66, Mae died of cancer.

The Corporation Nation Master.


The Corporation Nation Master.

is the United States of America, U.S. Incorporated.
The United States is comprised of over 185,000 incorporated state, county, city, town, municipality, district, councils, school district, pension fund, enterprise operation, lottery, alcohol monopoly, and many other private and for-profit corporations, which have mistakenly been called our "representative government".
The hidden wealth and investment totals for all of these "collective" 185,000 corporations (governments), when added together, equate to well over 100 trillion dollars, over 26 trillion in just pension fund investment assets.
A trillion dollars is a million, million.
With these investments, the government owns controlling ownership interest in all Fortune 500 companies, most major domestic and international companies, and most of everything you see around you. Malls, mini-malls, strip-malls, golf courses, movie theaters, etc...
Federal lands include about 87% of all state land, 97% of Utah land, 95% of Nevada, etc...
This is all easily verifiable by looking at the general accounting system of government, as required by federal law, called the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or CAFR.
"The Corporation Nation" documentary proves all of this without a shadow of a doubt.
It is free, it will never be for sale, and needs to be seen by all Americans.
Within this documentary is the governments own admission of corporate governance and fascism. It will not only astound you, but it will also answer just about every question you ever had with regards to the question of why...
...why is every law and every bill passed in the legislature unconstitutional?
...why has the government deregulated all industries and allowed monopolies and corporate tyranny?
...why can banks charge as much interest as they want, despite state laws against usury?
...why was the "Obama-Care" health care bill passed, and who really profits from it?
...why is our infrastructure and land being sold off to private and foreign corporations?
All of these questions will be stunningly clear once you have watched this movie. And with the information you will now possess, you will never again be left to wonder why anything happens in government...
Because you will see firsthand that government owns the corporations that it regulates through stock investment.
Government votes for each corporation's board of directors.
Government votes on whether each company should merge with or acquire other corporations.
Government is the corporations, by controlling stock ownership.
Please watch The Corporation Nation, pass it on, download the film, make copies, and pass them out to everyone you can. For this is the only issue any of us should be focused on...
For this is the root of corporate fascism in America.

-Clint Richardson

Hour of the Time
Mae Brussell -2 governments - one visible, one invisible- (5-19-75) - YouTube
Murders at Sharon Tate's home, Manson was the scapegoat, Charles "Tex" Watson from Texas the real killer. Manson identical to James Earl Ray and L.H. Oswald....
Mae Brussell - Dialogue Conspiracy (10-4-76) - YouTube

How the United States Lost the Second World War (1991) Part 1a 45:32

In-depth look into, what really happened to all the Nazis.

Check out Dave's site here For the rest of the show.
The above is Part 1a 45:32

This massive archive program merits serious consideration as a most revealing examination and explanation of the Cold War. The history of intellectual endeavor teaches that prevailing theories in the academic disciplines may be disproved and supplanted in time. Taken in combination with AFA 36, this work documents the working hypothesis that during the Cold War, German fascism and the Third Reich did not disappear as is commonly believed but rather survived underground and achieved a very real political and economic victory over the Allies. In the aftermath of World War I, the German Nazis learned that anti-communism could be used to achieve strategic leverage over Germany's prospective enemies such as Great Britain and the United States. The Third Reich utilized this stratagem to establish Fifth Column movements in countries they had targeted for conquest. Those movements were composed largely of sympathizers who viewed the Third Reich as a bulwark against communism. The Third Reich sought to escape the full consequences of military defeat in World War II by playing the anti-communist card again. When it became clear that the armies of the Third Reich were going to be defeated, it opened secret negotiations with representatives from the Western Allies. Representatives on both sides belonged to the transatlantic financial and industrial fraternity that had actively supported fascism. The thrust of these negotiations was the establishment of The Christian West. Viewed by the Nazis as a vehicle for surviving military defeat, "The Christian West" involved a Hitler-less Reich joining with the U.S., Britain, France and other European nations in a transatlantic, pan-European anti-Soviet alliance. In fact, The Christian West became a reality only after the cessation of hostilities. The de-Nazification of Germany was aborted. Although a few of the more obvious and obnoxious elements of Nazism were removed, Nazis were returned to power at virtually every level and in almost every capacity in the Federal Republic of Germany. A Hilter-less Reich then was incorporated into the anti-Soviet alliance the Third Reich's leaders had envisioned: NATO. One of the central elements in AFA 37, the Reinhard Gehlen spy organization functioned as a Trojan Horse vis-a-vis the United States. By deliberately exaggerating Soviet intentions and capabilities in order to alarm the United States, the Gehlen organization greatly exacerbated cold-war tensions and manipulated them to Germany's advantage. Perhaps the most important effect of the Gehlen organization was to introduce "rollback" or "liberation theory" into American strategic thinking. Rollback was a political wafare and covert operation strategy which had its genesis in the Third Reich Ostministerium headed by Alfred Rosenberg. This strategy entailed enlisting the aid of dissident Soviet ethnic minorities to overthrow the Soviet Union. In return, these minorities and their respective republics were to be granted nominal independence while serving as satellite states of "Greater Germany." In its American incarnation, liberation theory called for "rolling back" communism out of Eastern Europe and the break-up of the Soviet Union into its constituent ethnic Republics. Lip-service was given to initiating democracy in the "liberated" countries. Liberation theory was projected into mainstream American political consciousness through the Crusade for Freedom. This enormous CIA domestic media campaign not only established liberation theory as a dominant element in American strategic thinking but also projected European fascists associated with the Gehlen milieu into positions of prominence within the powerful ethnic voting blocks in America. The Gehlen imports combined with domestic reactionary elements to form a powerful fascistic and ultimately triumphant political engine referred to in AFA 37, as the "rollback" or "liberation milieu." AFA 37 traces the evolution of this milieu and its influence on international and domestic political affairs. The liberation milieu cemented its triumph in American politics through the assassination of President Kennedy. The program highlights the roles of Gehlen-related elements and intelligence agents associated with the petroleum industry in the JFK assassination. Particular emphasis is on George Bush's connections to this milieu as well as the milieu's relationship to the defense industry, military intelligence and corporate America. AFA 37 analyzes the Reagan and Bush administrations as the realization of the goals of liberation theory as well as the fulfillment of National Security Counsel Number 68. NSC 68 was the blueprint for U.S. strategy during the Cold War. Heavily influenced by the work of the Gehlen organization, NSC 68 called for the destabilization of the U.S.S.R. through a massive military buildup by the U.S. The strategy sought to bankrupt the Soviet economy through an arms race and to promote agitation among the dissident Soviet ethnic groups by Gehlen-related intelligence elements. In addition, the document called for an accompanying propaganda blitz in the United States to convince the American people to support the military buildup as well as the suppression of political dissidents. The Reagan and Bush administrations instituted the principles of NSC 68 and accomplished the aims of liberation theory. The realization of those goals also did enormous damage to the United States. The cost of bankrupting the Soviet Union, turned the United States into the world's biggest debtor nation, severely damaged its infrastructure and crippled its competitive economic advantage internationally. In addition, the United States badly compromised its democratic institutions during the Cold War, possibly beyond repair. AFA 37 hypothesizes that the realization of liberation theory primarily benefited Germany rather than the United States. Indeed, the recovery of Germany's "lost territories" was the goal of Gehlen's alliance with the western powers and was the raison d'etre for the Vertviebene groups. Founded by the SS and funded by the German government, the Vertriebene groups were part of the liberation milieu described above. Their activity has increased dramatically since the end of the Cold War. The BND, the current German government intelligence service and the final incarnation of the Gehlen organization, has been extremely active in the newly "liberated" territories where it has worked hand in glove with major German corporations and the various Nazi parties of Germany to realize Hitler's goal of a "greater Germany."

9/11 Coincidences

9/11 Coincidences

9/11 Revisited: Declassified FBI Files Reveal New Details About ‘The Jumping Israelis’ | The Pete Santilli Show
Can Jet Fuel Really Melt Steel Beams? The 9/11 Truth Debate Rages On
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Dr. Judy Wood: Evidence of Directed Energy on 9/11 - John Barbour's World (September 9, 2015) - YouTube
Read the only existing forensic study into the destruction of seven World Trade Center buildings on 9/11 by Dr. Judy Wood, entitled Where Did The Towers Go? ...
9/11: The live footage they made disappear - YouTube
Conspiracy Solved - Full Documentary - YouTube
SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=18996 As NATO forces conduct full-scale military exercises on Russia’s doorstep, the world’s attention o...
911 IXXI Better Find Out Who the Real Magicians of this World Are! - YouTube
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From Dust Til' Dawn [] The 9/11 PSYOP Exposed MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY - YouTube
Abridged, re-edited version of the series. Eventually there will be a second part. Two and a half hours is enough for one day. Credits given at the very end ...
From Dust to Dawn: The 9/11 Psyop Exposed 2 (Too Much Dust, Toasted Cars, Ther"might not" explain!) - YouTube
Footage used is credited to username Collin Alexander. Footage used intended for educational and research purposes only.
9/11 Nobody Knows Update 11 - YouTube
9/11 Nobody Knows Update 11: Jersey Girls Lorie Van Auken, Amy Goodman, Fahrenheit 9/11, Fire Fighter Erik Lawyer Slams NIST And The 9/11 Investigation, 9/11...
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That's right, jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams, it also doesn't demolish skyscrapers within an hour. This video is a must see even if you have seen all the ...
The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 Uncut - Cynthia McKinney (Full Presentation) - YouTube
Ten years have passed since the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001, and there are still many unanswered questions surrounding that fateful day....
Architects and Engineers: Solving the Mystery of Building 7 - w/ Ed Asner - YouTube
This is the original video that YouTube took down, without notice, on or about Feb 20, 2015 - which left the following notice for those who follow one of tho...

Methodical Deception
New info.
Pilots for 9/11 Truth
WOW!! METHODICAL ILLUSION: The True Story Of What Happened On 9/11 - YouTube
9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money - YouTube
9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015) - YouTube
On the tenth anniversary of the Attacks of September 11th, 2001, expert witnesses gathered at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada to provide evidence-based...
06 - What Planes? - YouTube
Check out this excellent channel http://www.youtube.com/user/cappucinokid100 One of the best Youtube channels dedicated to 9/11truth ,go and sub and friend N...
9/11: The Myth and The Reality - FEATURE FILM - YouTube
Full facts and analysis of 9/11. See it to believe. Leave ur comments after watching. Full detailed research on 9/11.


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